I know you guys haven't been too excited about this bandaged look but this dress from Versace is lookin pretty smokin on Gisele. Here she is with Tom Brady at this year's Costume Institute Gala. Whatcha think? Personally, I think the girl's a fool for breaking up with Leo and dating this baby making man-whore but damn them...they do make an amazing looking couple. How do we feel about the dress? Related post: Sexy or Slutty, Cool or Fool?: BCBG Cocktail Dress How many holes should a wedding dress hold?
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  • Leeloo Dallas? Multi Pass?

    BTW why do they look like life-size cardboard cutouts at Kinko's?
  • i agree with grace...she can totally pull it off
  • @ heidi-
    I am rarely ever a Versace fan... you really like them? Too crazy stripper-esque for me.
  • what's with the weird side tit cleavage?
  • Can she pull it off, yes. Is it one of her best looks, no. Typically I adore Versace, but this one gets a thumbs down from me.
  • it kind of reminds me of leeloo's outift in fifth element.

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