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  • @paulette - sounds great! if we make our way out there you'll be the first person i'll get in touch with. thanks!
  • With her comes me :)
  • Alice--Since I live in DC and have never actually walked down to see the cherry blossoms because I'm tourist-adverse :-), I volunteer to be your date to go see 'em in the spring. :-)
  • thanks duc! i'll have to make a special trip out east to check out the cherry blossoms. they're my absolute favorite.
    kara - those jacarandas are beautiful, too. :)
  • ooOOoooo

    One of my favorite flowering trees are jacarandas:

  • Those are cherry blossoms, right?

    One of the best places in this country to view them is in DC during the cherry blossom festival. It's a big deal there every year when they blossom bc they don't really stay blossomed for all that long.

    You can read more about it

  • i love this artist! deviant art is the best!
  • I love trees! They are so calming. Wait...does that make me a tree hugger?
  • In our parking lot. We have a ton of cherry blossoms. At least I think those are cherry blossoms...
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