Within the space of a large trailer, artist Candaş Şişman produced a beautifully illuminated space that seems otherworldly. Using strong light sources, lenses, a convex mirror, a fog machine, and a sound system, the İstanbul-based artist transformed perceptions of space into an unending abyss of light.

The installation, entitled I/P/O-cle (I—Input, P—Process, O—Output, cle—Cycle), is an exploration of how people perceive their surrounding worlds. Constantly changing elements and layers of reality are continuously altering our understanding of physical space. As the light shines directly onto and through the lenses and mirrors, it is reflected back in various shapes and illuminated by the fog in exaggerated form.

The artist explains, "With the senses that we have, we can perceive only a limited portion of the physical reality that surrounds us. This perceived physicality keeps altering as it goes through many layers and processes (biological and psychological) in our brains. These perceptions draw our perceptual schemas and these schemas in turn shape the reality we perceive."

Candaş Şişman's website
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