Prague-based photographer Martin Stranka transports us to a tranquil state of being. The self-taught professional uses his innovative photographer's eye to capture dreamy visuals that are rich with intrigue. Though I want to know more about the different people in these varied locations, I'm content with getting lost in the moment.

Looking through Stranka's portfolio makes me feel as though I'm being whisked away into a serene escape in slow motion. His ability to capture that euphoric, carefree moment between sleeping and awakening is exceptionally effective. It's like those beautiful Sunday mornings when you're waking up, cozy in bed, knowing you don't even have to get up. There's a suspended calm. I hear violins and an operatic chorus...but maybe that's just me. Either way, Stranka has produced a compelling series of work and he's definitely a photographer we'll be keeping our eyes on.

Martin Stranka's website

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  • Suspended in water. Wonderful

  • I've been following Stranka for quite some time now... and I'm always struck by how he manages to create a feeling... and almost always the same. His work is very consistent, and it gets even more interesting when you look at the whole picture, instead of a piece in particular. I recommend a visit on his website... :)

  • the violent silent wispers

  • I more or less agree with you as it describes to my point of view the violent sient wispers we all have to deal with nights and days and the sensations or feelings rising up from it : some thinking of suicide, some letting it be and some in paradise.

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