Ok so typically I would give you bunch of pictures with my posts. Sorry to say but I wanted to make our lunch with our friends low-key yesterday, so instead of dish after dish of pictures you'll get a quick little synopsis of this place. Cha Cha Chicken is brightly colored restaurant on the corner of Pico and Ocean. What's great about this place is that the moment you step through the gates, your start to relax, your nerves calm down, it's like you've drifted around on your boat all day, docked it a few feet away, and are now ready to relax and sip on a Corona with lime. This place is BYOB so you don't have to act all slim shady and brown bag it in your purse, the jerk chicken enchiladas have the most delicious sweet sauce on them, and you feel relaxed just kickin it on the patio. Take a stroll down to the beach afterward, 'cause it's only a block away. Sundays don't get better than this. Metered parking along the street. Cha Cha Chicken on Urbanspoon Cha Cha Chicken (Yelp) 1906 Ocean Ave Santa Monica, CA 90405 (310) 581-1684 www.chachachicken.com
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  • very low key lol
  • aww i love this place! right by the beach, good food, great prices. although the wait can be long. its worth it

    also a great breakfast place nearby is cora's coffee shop: http://www.corascoffee.com/
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