Designer Carina Ostermayer has developed a pair of headphones called Guitar Ear-O that takes advantage of the raw materials left behind whenever a defective electric guitar is produced. The innovative design uses the leftover fingerboards as a unique connecting headpiece, while the speakers are made from the guitar's wooden body and even feature the remanent, attractively glossy finishes.

In today's current mass-produced age, valuable resources are used to make products that are sometimes thrown out due to failing specification tests or minor defects, but Ostermayer's concept is a visually appealing product that simultaneously combats this societal problem of wastefulness. The design allows for these outcast instruments to continue on with a purpose similar to their original musical goal in a new and stylish way, all while using what would otherwise be wasted material.

Carina Ostermayer's Behance
via [designboom]

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  • This is awesome I want a pair for my home studio can we actually purchase a pair somewhere? :-)

  • how do i get this product

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