Oh man, I wish I was in Brazil right now. The Brazilian Carnival, or Carnaval is an annual festival in Brazil held four days before Ash Wednesday, the day of fasting and repentance that marks the beginning of Lent. Brazilian Carnival exhibits some differences from its European counterparts, having mixed Euro, Native and African elements. Furthermore, rhythm, participation, and costume vary from one region of Brazil to another. In the southeastern cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, organized parades led by samba schools vie for prizes on the "sambodromo" open stage. Only samba-school affiliates participate in the shows.
See the photos at the Big Picture.
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  • Am I the only one that's a little freaked out (then again i was scared of the circus when I was kid)? Some of those images are a little dark, but it would definitely be an experience that's for sure....
  • Looks like fun. I'm imagining being there during the weeks prior, taking in all of the work that goes into it & seeing the big-ass parade as culmination. It would take years to photojournal
  • @Mindy - That's so awesome. This is one my top 3 things to do right now.
  • Now that there is a party, people! Fantastico!
  • Whoa, second to last picture.

    "A queen of the drums of the Vai-Vai samba school parades at the Sambadrome as part of Carnival celebrations in Sao Paulo, Brazil, early on February 22, 2009. (MAURICIO LIMA/AFP/Getty Images)"

    If by drums you mean boobs, then yeah.

    This looks like such a damn great time down there. I'd like to experience this once before I die.
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