Boom Cabinet

If you ever dreamed about having furniture that looks like it belongs in a looney tunes cartoon, you'll love this post. Judson Beaumont of Straight Line Designs has designed some of the coolest furniture you have ever seen.

Accordian Dresser

Anne Armoire

Beaver Cabinet

Oops Cabinet

The Melting Cabinet

Carrot Dresser

"We design and build what you can't find in stores. We make your furniture dreams come true...It's not what we've done. It's what we're going to do next!" -Straight Line Designs

Straight Line Designs
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  • Interesting. The Anne Armoire reminds me of something out of Disney's Beauty & the Beast. I like the concept of the design in conflict with the functionality. For instance, in some the design does not fully conflict with the ability to use the furniture, in some there is slight loss of drawer functionality, and in the case of the accordion desk, the main purpose of a desk is lost: the functionality of having a flat surface to write on.
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