Last night the Canadian woman's hockey team beat the US to win the gold medal. Even though I was rooting for the US I don't begrudge them this hard-fought win. After the game was over and the fans left the arena the team came back onto the ice for some well deserved celebrating.

Some people are already complaining and calling this "unseemly". I don't think so. To me it is the same as everything we do here at the Met: celebrating life.

( all photos from The Star-Ledger, article here )

These young women worked very hard for this win. I think it is great to see them enjoying their victory.
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  • This is fantastic! I want to be friends with these ladies!
  • is that a 40oz of Molsen?
  • Funny thing is, the player that scored the 2 goals for team Canada is only 18, and not of the legal drinking age- they're already talking about pressing charges. How nuts.
  • Let the ladies have their moment!
  • This is so great! Beautiful moments.
  • Love the emotions. Most of the time ppl that win gold are pretty composed, nice to see the true emotions come out.
  • totally awesome pics! also love this line, Mark..."To me it is the same as everything we do here at the Met: celebrating life."
    made me smile today. thanks. :)
  • Yeah that's how Canada roles. We party lol

    + this is their THIRD gold medal. I said this on another blog, they could have been shooting guns in the sky for all I care.
    Not many people have accomplished what they have.
  • Wow.. The Canadian Hockey team looks like a GOOD time!
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