So you want to take some fun photos with your best buddy/celebrity friends - but there's just one problem - you're a nobody and have absolutely no connection with these stars... No sweat! We've got the solution for you. Just Photoshop them in! This hilarious set, titled "My Holiday Party," was created by ingenious man of the year, Everett Hiller. "Every year my wife and I throw a party and when I send out the photos I add famous people," he says.

My Holiday Party via [lostateminor], [reddit]
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  • HAHA, so funny.
  • Totally funny! I worry that this type of photoshopping will illicit legal action though.
  • I love the detail that went into the Lawrence Fishbourne and Gina Torres reflection in the mirror
  • Whoa....some of them look pretty realistic!!
  • Great work, and great idea! The Al Gore shot is priceless.

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