Beautiful Friendship Between a Corgi and a Baby

Many first time parents (myself included), worry about how well their new baby will get along with their household pet. For years they've taken care of their furry friend and introducing a new member to the family comes with a mixed bag of emotions. That's why it's so great to see these photos by Chris Lowe and his wife Miriam. When they brought home baby Claire in November, their four-year-old corgi Wilbur immediately became enchanted by her.

In fact, at their first meet and greet, Wilbur adorably laid his head right on Claire's soft white blanket. 'We didn't know how Wilbur would handle not being the only object of our affection, you know?," he told The Mail Online US. 'We kept a tight grip in his collar when he first met her, but as you can see from the first pic all he wanted to do was sniff her."

The protective corgi then began keeping her company during tummy time, started sleeping in her room next to her crib, and would even wait patiently until she woke up. "Now they're best friends, really," he said. "He follows us wherever we carry her throughout the house, he gives us concerned and slightly annoyed looks when she cries, and we couldn't be happier with how it turned out!"

"It's all good, but Wilbur and his big fat butt are gonna have to learn the concept of 'personal space' at some point," the dad states.

via [Reddit, Daily Mail]

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