As the rest of us run for cover in rainy or snowy weather, French photographer Christophe Jacrot deliberately goes out in the storm. “I see these elements as a fabulous ground for photography," he says, "an under-used visual universe with a strong evocative power, and with a richness of subtle lights. This universe escapes most of us, since we are too occupied getting undercover. Man becomes a ghostly silhouette wandering and obeying the hazards of rain or of snow.”

Many of the images in his series Hong Kong in the Rain have a lovely painterly quality to them. He distorts and glamorizes the world by finding beauty in the reflections off of a rain-soaked street, the ripples of a puddle, or drops of water through a window. Each stormy photograph has a glistening perfection as Jacrot romanticizes these fleeting moments that are otherwise looked upon as dark and gloomy.

Christophe Jacrot’s website
via [The Inspiration Grid]

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