As I look through pictures of this apartment, designed by Oliver Schick, I wonder if I could ever live in such a clean, clutter free space. You can tell that a lot of thought was put into how this small space would be used - they designed it so that you could hide most of your belongings in well-positioned cabinets. The wood floors and white walls give this place an open and airy feel and the pops of color, here and there, make this place look livable.

But could you live this clutter free? Could you put away your knick knacks, stow away your unnecessary belongings and create this kind of space? Is this realistic?

Oliver Schick

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  • Going through you blogs on home interiors, the only thought that comes up to my mind concerning my flat is either I should tidy up a lot more, either I should get rid of all that stuff piled up since years ! (But they are bits of my life!)
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