Iconic brand Coca-Cola, inspires a multitude of designers to try their hand on designing something for it. Like these cans. The Faceted can by Dzmitry Samal and the "Naked" can by Harc Lee. Both concepts were, not surprisingly, born from an ecological point of view.The faceted can: "The new can design utilizes a process called impact extrusion, a process where an aluminum slug (solid piece of metal) is pressed at a high velocity with extreme force into a die/mold by a punch."The paint-less can: The logo is pressed into a monochrome can. No toxic paint is used, reducing pollution and energy use associated in production. Correction, in this case...Mass production.Kudos to the designers of the current Coca-Cola logo though. Take away the logo and it makes both cans visually less exciting for me.by DZMITRY SAMAL


No offense to above mentioned designers and their intent. But maaaan...I Love these vintage ones!!!The paint is an eco- friendly, bio degradable water colour coating........ Okay I lied.

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  • These are great! Coca-cola should do more artsy, limited time, collectors' prints like these. Keep things interesting!
  • I like the paint-less can...they should totally do that...
  • "eco- friendly, bio degradable water colour coating" ---would've been so cool if they were....=P
  • I love the faceted one.... looks like it belongs on a stealth plane.
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