Designer (and I assume coffee lover) Heo Jeong Im brings us the ever classy coffee on a stick. It's relatively simple too, pick your flavor dip it in some hot water, stir, sip and enjoy. You also get the added bonus of looking classy while getting your morning kick.

There's even a video demonstration, you know, incase the simple dip, stir, sip process was too complicated to completely comprehend. Check it out here. I have to say between Le Whif and this I'm liking the future of food lol

Yanko Design: "Allow me to introduce you to the most revolutionary way of making coffee….directly from a stick! The Cappuccino Coffee Stick is a spoon laden with your favorite coffee-fix that dissolves deliciously into a steaming cup of water. Tear away the plastic wrap, dip the instant spoon and a few good swirls later; a piping hot cup of coffee is ready for your consideration. The need for “your type of coffee” can only be understood by an addict, I’m one and for me this design wins full brownie points. Now only if Nescafe Select were available on this spoon!"
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  • its very aesthetically pleasing.
  • That is brilliant!!
  • AHHH! I love it!!! At first I thought it was the concept of letting you match your coffee with the colours on your mug, just so you know you're getting the right mix.

    But this is even better! @Matt, why would you think it's wasteful?
  • wasteful.
  • caramel! delicious :)
  • Nice concept! Anything that makes it easier to get me started in the morning is much appreciated!
  • cool concept!
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