You can really see the thought Quentin Shih put into these photos. “I had to shoot the Dior models in Paris,” he says, “so I came up with the idea of putting them into a glass box. The glass divides the room into two worlds – one for Dior models and one for Chinese people – both finding each other mysterious and strange. But they can’t communicate with each other through the glass. So I named the series The Stranger in the Glass Box.” Quentin Shih was awarded “Photographer of the Year” by Esquire magazine in 2007 and will present “The Stranger In The Glass Box” at the Dior & Contemporary Chinese Artists exhibit at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art in Beijing from November 16th-January 15th, 2009. Very nicely executed Quentin! Love your work!

Quentin Shih's website Courtesy of trendland
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  • @Mercedes - great point.
  • @ Mercedes - I never really thought about it like that. Thanks for your insight.
  • You might be missing the point: I think Quentin is not depicting the China of today but the Western perception of China. which is 30 years behind the reality ... The characters looking at the stranger are similar yet different, again playing to the Western idea that all Chinese look and behave in the same way. This could have been done to exagerate the contrast between the beautiful stranger in the glass and the old fashioned yet changing China.
  • What part of Beijing is this?
    This looks more like San Pedro!
  • @lis. I see your point.. I think China has developed significantly in the past few years and these images depict Chinese as pretty old school. I do think the artistic aspect of it is pretty cool though.
  • Come on! give us something new!
    Tired of seeing these old stuff. By these images, although the artist did a good job in juxtaposing between elite Dior model and stereotyped Chinese people ( Communist culture revolution style). I think this is outdated with current Chinese people's life, especially the new generation were born after culture revolution.

    We need something new....
  • sorry..the birds went home for the winter.
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