Where do you go to escape? Do you jump in your car and drive to the nearest beach, searching for answers while silently staring at the vast, never-ending ocean? Or do you head to the mountains and stand in the snow, feeling the cold and crisp wind as it sweetly stings your skin?

Photographer Adam Taylor has put together a wonderful set of photos that is simply titled People in Landscapes. "I am intrigued by how people relate to each other and how we connect to this beautiful planet," he says.

Where do you go...to think?

Adam Taylor's website
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  • Awesome shoots, my favourite place is the beach in the last pic.
  • My thinking place is, quite oddly, my shower. But, if I were to go anywhere Taylor photographed, it would be the place with the tree and the tent. Something about that just calms me. Wonderful work!
  • The first photo is just too beautiful.
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