Shaped like a small flashlight, Maptor is a tiny GPS device which displays a map using a small built-in projector. Instead of using a backlit LCD, you can just flash the map on any flat surface and a big red arrow will tell you exactly where you are.

The controls on the Maptor include a simple on/off toggle and a zoom ring. Aside from GPS hardware, it also comes with Bluetooth for transferring maps into the device and is powered by batteries.

Although the images of the projected map look visible enough even in daylight in the pictures, I wonder if it’s really going to be that clear in real life. Either way, a very cool concept by South Koreans Jin-Sun Park and Seon-keun Park.

via yanko

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  • Cool idea but I'd be very surprised if it that bright in daylight. The LED based "Pico" projectors I've seen can only put out a few lumens. For example this one from Aiptek can only generate 10 lumens and it costs $300. To get the kind of display shown in those pictures in normal daylight you'd need at least 1500 - 2000 lumens.
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