The luxurious U-010 Undersea Yacht is the ultimate vessel to explore the depths of the ocean in style. With an overall length of 220 feet (67 meters), the U-010 unit can travel on the surface as well as underwater by simply passing from diesel to electric propulsion. Equipped with "integrated systems of stabilization," passage on the sea surface is slow and comfortable even under the worst conditions.

seatec via bornrich

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  • Anybody else notice the resemblance to a squid?
  • Perfect for Bond villians on their summer holidays.
  • seems a little bit unrealistic for our times but in 2030 everyones will get one :)
  • This is not a fantasy - the future is NOW - face IT :)
  • what do you mean real? I've got mine on order already, it'll be build in 3010.
  • ahah
    I love this design stuff: the fantasy of the designer is huge and he doesn't care about the real possibility of build such a thing :)
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