Maya Doomsday Prophecy In our ongoing partnership with National Geographic, we present Countdown to Armageddon, an examination of the Maya calendar prophecies in 2012. Follow Princeton University scientist Adam Maloof to three continents on a detective story that spans eons — with clues embedded in the oldest rocks on the planet. Is there evidence of global upheaval on a massive scale? What can be gleaned from the technically advanced celestial orientation of the Maya ruins? What were the Maya hoping to record in their comprehensive astronomy text called the Dresden Codex? And does a discovery from a melting glacier offer provocative signs of devastating change in ancient Maya times? Countdown to Armageddon premieres on Sunday, November 8, 2009, at 8pm ET/PT on the National Geographic Channel. The Maya’s Lost Civilization A Climate Event to End Time
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  • Amazing that due to a prophety saying that humans would die because the sun would go, the extreme went on.
    Fire , heat and too much sun is killing the planet and it is also due to humans!
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