Going against conventional wisdom, Diesel's newest ad campaign urges people to "be stupid." Launched by new artistic director Bruno Collins, the ads imply that in many ways, being stupid translates to living on the edge and taking risks. They suggest that sometimes it is better to live with your heart, not with your head.

What are your thoughts? Are these ads smart or stupid?

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  • @ Derning

    These ads don't make me feel good - they make me feel sad and repulsed and, frankly, bored (seen it all before). There's a difference between being "not serious" and being stupid". My new slogan for Diesel (and which could be applied to any designer label): "Diesel: by wankers, for wankers". Just another excuse to use models in ads and that is sooooooo not original.
  • @TeakLipstickFiend

    Some ads just simply make the viewer feel good. The basic psychology behind this campaign is to release people from the pressure to be "smart."

    Take me for instance. I'm fucking brilliant, and I can tell you ... it gets tiring.

    So come on, let's all go streaking or something.
  • I'm trying to figure why people think these ads are original. Standard ad ingredients: sex - check; skinny white people - check (clearly Diesel don't give a crap about people of colour); naked women - check. Yeah, incredibly original. Thought-provoking? Yes - because I'm wondering why anyone would think these lame ads would appeal to anyone. Oh yeah! Stupid people are the only ones who would buy this crap, so Diesel are appealing to them. In fact, probably the sort of people who would win the Darwin awards. You don't need to be stupid to live life to the full and you don't need to be an exhibitionist or risk your life to do so. 0 out of 20 Diesel.
  • PandaJu, I'm glad you make stupid choices.
  • stupid awesome and brilliant! (and validates my life choices)
  • Definitely put a smile on my face and I love the sentiment. Nice work Diesel.
  • I have seen a few of these already & at first they were just the "Brains" vs. "Balls" ones and (I have no problem) but I was like fvck, this is going to piss off a lot of people.

    Seeing the rest though it is good they use "stupid" in many ways and lets be honest, some of my best stories have to do with stupid things I have done weather it involves something about the heart or the balls.

    Therefore I like it
  • I really liked it. When I was in school i did a similar campaign about a light chocolate that said " Enjoy without guilt" and it embodied different situations where people are supposed to feel guilty but they don't. Anyway, i think the idea it's great but to promote activies that endanger lifes, like in the first picture... not so much.
  • And something else: The focus point of all these photos are the clothes ;)
    Good campaign again Diesel, BRAVO !
  • This campaign reminded me another one with "drink urine" ..
    this "stupid" thing is extraordinary :)
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