Creative Apple Art and Photography (20+ pics)

The Untimely Death of Granny Smith [Link]

How do you take something as simple as an apple and turn it into a work of art? Just ask these photographers and artists who've carved, photomanipulated or staged it so that an apple transforms into something special. With a healthy dose of creativity, these people remind us to see the beauty in the life's little pleasures. Because it's not what we see that makes something unique, it's how we see it.

A Sparkling Frozen Apple [Link]

To Feed the Family [Link]

Apple [Link]

Butterfly Apple [Link]

Olivia's Apple Ship [Link]

In Search of Earth's Core [Link]

Apple Earth [Link]

Apple Genes Spliced [Link]

Confused Fruit [Link]

When Apples Comes Alive [Link]

Who's Eating Who? [Link]

Possessed [Link]

An Apple's Last Defense [Link]

The Girl in the Apple Tree [Link]

Forbidden Love [Link]

Basket of Apples [Link]

Apple Love [Link]

Temptation [Link]

Eve..Teasing [Link]

Modern Snow White [Link]

Snow White Gets Poisoned [Link]

Snow White is Dead [Link]

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Comment by sAm on November 18, 2009 at 11:58am
Love the "Apples last defense" Perfect!

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