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  • well, u made it clear... nice presentation.
  • I never thought something could be rustic and modern at the same time. Thumbs up, I'll be googling both names in the title to learn more.
  • I love James Perse even though the prices are steep. The design aesthetic is simple and not overstated. I love these window installations and J. Perse continues to draw from architecture and landscape for inspiration. I consider him a close friend, (almost family) even though I realize that he would consider me a dork loser.
  • Cool..i love the one with the bear and the road trip one.

    The beach front though, I would prefer it to be more abstract / surreal. The mannequins need to go...srsly bleh. They make it look like something you'd see in a museum of natural history... "Neanderthals at leisure".
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