I love finding creativity in places I normally wouldn't look. These creative storefront window displays were created by Marc Atlan Design, Inc. for James Perse. Not only do the installations look very clean and modern, they create an experience for those who pass by.

Mark Atlan's website
via designboom
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  • well, u made it clear... nice presentation.
  • I never thought something could be rustic and modern at the same time. Thumbs up, I'll be googling both names in the title to learn more.
  • I love James Perse even though the prices are steep. The design aesthetic is simple and not overstated. I love these window installations and J. Perse continues to draw from architecture and landscape for inspiration. I consider him a close friend, (almost family) even though I realize that he would consider me a dork loser.
  • Cool..i love the one with the bear and the road trip one.

    The beach front though, I would prefer it to be more abstract / surreal. The mannequins need to go...srsly bleh. They make it look like something you'd see in a museum of natural history... "Neanderthals at leisure".
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