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In this loosely-knit cinematic series, German photographer Mirko Martin asks us to decipher what's real and what's staged. L.A. Crash focuses on the visual presence of catastrophes in the urban area of Los Angeles, with respect to how they appear within the actual cityscape, as well as how they are created for the media.

"I started out taking pictures on film sets in public space in Downtown L.A., trying to capture the scenes in a way that their fictional character would not be revealed to the viewer," explains Martin. "I tried to obscure the backgrounds of the displayed events as well as how the pictures came into being.

"While working on the project, it seemed remarkable to me that the sites of the staged dramas were oftentimes located in extremely run-down places with a high rate of homelessness and a strong police presence, so that tension-filled scenes could be observed even beyond the movie sets. Hence, I expanded my project and started including documentary photos taken in the surrounding areas.

"Within the series, I try to blur the line between reality and fiction in order to primarily discuss what kind of truth can be extracted from the photographs. By largely leaving open which scenes are documentary and which ones are staged, I want to address our habitual ways of seeing, our trained eye, our knowledge of culture, film, and photography."

Mirko Martin's website
via [Bite Magazine]

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Comment by sAm on June 1, 2011 at 2:33pm
Captivating! Can't distinguish what's real and what's staged.

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