Ontario-based Derek Toye captures incredibly contemplative landscapes in this ongoing series of black and white photographs. In each shot, he finds peaceful places that offer a moment of reflection upon nature. He narrows in on a single tree or an isolated pathway to produce stark compositions that exude a sense of mystery.

Toye captures beautiful light throughout the vast, open spaces. The moody atmospheres often generate an emotional response of loneliness or solitude. In the majority of his photographs, strong tree trunks and a labyrinth of branches sit in direct contrast with misty fog and a bright white sky. Toye transforms the colorful landscapes into expressively quiet, pensive scenes that exude a sense of sadness. With no distracting color, viewers are invited to focus on textures and shapes, lights and shadows, and the soothing calm that emanates from each scene.

Derek Toye on DeviantArt
via [Republic X]

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  • oops. Should be for Derek's...

  • Hi Katie,

    Just few words to just say I just love your photos showed there.
    Normally people take time to write hate messages on the net, but not often the contrary... (Well it has never been my case... : )

    It's not "only" about the photo, the photos are from me, a vehicle. A complicated road from where it has been taken, how it has been taken by you, what you wanted to express, and its long way to me.
    Vehicle of emotions.
    In this case bringing me some souvenirs, some nice sadness emotions. I love sadness and loneliness, it tells me that there will be very soon the moments of happiness... We cannot "understand" the darkness without light right?

    So Merci for your photos.

    Nice vehicles.

    Nice trip together.

    French 1% photographer.

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