Dining customs vary from country to country, and what’s acceptable behavior in one place is seen as rude in another. Luckily for us, the website Restaurant Choice released an educational infographic that explains a few do’s and dont’s of meals around the world. You probably have a handle on what’s appropriate at home, but things quickly change when you travel. This illustrated guide is not only helpful, but an interesting comparison of seven different places.

In India, it’s important that you finish your meal. Wasting food is considered extremely disrespectful. If you’re in China, however, leaving a little bit on the plate lets the host know that they gave you enough to eat. Tipping is a point of contention, too. Italy and Portugal are okay with this practice, but Japan and China are not.

According to this guide, we don’t see one manner that’s universally accepted. An underlying message of the infographic is that a good traveler is someone who does their research. So, for your next trip abroad, make sure you study on how to conduct yourself during a meal. It might save you from unnecessary embarrassment.

Restaurant Choice blog
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  • Dear Sara, I really enjoyed your info graphic but I'm Portuguese and both of the things that are said are wrong. First EVERY restaurant in Portugal have seasoning for the table (salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar - we call it "galheteiro") and it's not rude to ask for it. In fact all Portuguese do because of the CEE rules that cut in the maximum salt allowed by the restaurants and the Portuguese people like salty food. Regarding the tip the 10% rule is not correct. You should leave a tip if the service is above average or if you feel that you paid very little for the overall quality of the food/service. I paid €50 for a meal and leave no tip because the service was regular/cold and leave a € 5 euro tip in a 6/7 euro meal because the persons were real nice.
    I hope the other graphics are correct, if so I learned a lot!

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