Negative Space Typography Using String

Australia-based tactile typographer Dominique Falla recently created a large scale typographic piece using Illustrator, thousands of pins and hundreds of meters of string! Called Relax and Unwind, it was one of two pieces she made for Strutten’s Square One exhibition, an event that pays homage to Brisbane creatives.

"I drew the type by hand, scanned it, redrew it in Illustrator and then made the physical from pin and string," she says. "Hundreds and hundreds of meters of string! Unfortunately I don't have video of the string winding, but you can see how the pinning process takes shape, as well as the drawing in Adobe Illustrator through the wonders of time lapse and stop motion." (See video, below.)

It took Falla seven hours to hammer in the pins and 18 hours to wind all that string. "I liked the idea of 'unwinding' being made out of wound string," she tells us.

Dominique Falla's website

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