We don't know much about Egor N., but what we do know is that this photographer has an awesome eye for simple, yet striking, images. This collection, entitled Coffee Time, doesn't actually feature a cup of coffee, but it does involve many fancy coffee break paraphernalia, including delicate china cups, saucers, and crystalized cubes of sugar.

For the project, the artist filled the cups and pitchers with milk, and captured the white splashes that splatter and swirl against the contrasting, crisp black background. The photographs are filled with a magical wonder in which pitchers hang, suspended in mid-air, and splashes move upwards in a defiance of gravity. The thick liquids splash into perfectly scattered streams and there isn't a drop out of place. Egor N. certainly has a knack for combining high speed photography with insanely detailed Photoshop skills.

Egor N. on Flickr
via [Unknown Editors]
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