23 year old twins are both clients of "A Volga Girl" marriage agency.

In our ongoing partnership with National Geographic we present a fascinating look inside a controversial industry that matches foreign women with American men. The film follows two American men on their heart-pounding and awkward journey to find true love in the industrial city of Togliatti, known as "Russia’s Detroit." Viewers enter the clandestine world of e-mail order marriages through the milestone experiences of those who are in it - from meeting a potential bride face-to-face for the first time, to the final "I do's" that make their union official. It is an astounding look at what some will do to find companionship. The trailers below are pretty captivating. You can catch E-mail Order Bride tomorrow, Wednesday, September 9 at 9PM ET/PT on the National Geographic Channel. E-Mail Bride Delivered “Mail Order Murder”
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  • that is why divorce exist !!! He killed someone sister and daughter, stupid fat!
    Burn him alive!
  • Who is really guilty ?they both lied to themselves and destroyed their lives.Desperates to find love and settle and mistaking on achieving their proper dreams.
    Unfortunatly, it doesn't make any difference with everydays life.I don't count anymore the couples I meet and understand they're married and don't love eachother, killing eachother softly because they don't want to lose what society have given them for being an example to youth.
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