SmugOne is a super talented artist that uses blank walls on the street as his canvas. After scouring the Internet for information about him, it's clear he wants to keep a low profile. This may prove quite challenging, however, given the high quality of his murals. I have a strong feeling we'll be seeing a lot more of him and his work in the near future.

SmugOne on Flickr
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  • No biggie. IMHO - not only can fine art be found in the streets, I think it could be argued that all art begins in "the streets." Art is an expression of life, and it cannot survive in a vacuum. Where it can or can't be found really has no bearing on the art itself. Is fine art any better if it is locked up inside someone's private collection?
  • @Todd-you are more than welcomed to state your opinion on the matter. Art is a matter of opinion.
  • Beautiful work! But why did you lead your FB post with "Do you believe that fine art can be found in the streets?" I thought it was a silly question and wanted to argue the point.
  • Absolutely incredible level of detail. Photorealistic!
  • The color in each piece is so rich. I am in awe at the skill he has.
  • These are lovely.
  • Nice creation...thanks
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