The real life models is a project by 19-year-old photographer Flóra Borsi that explores a world where abstract portraits are actually realistic depictions of people with distorted features. Her series takes the idea of painters using real life models as an anatomical reference for their portraits and asks, "What if these abstract models were real people?"

Borsi, whom we've seen before as the photographer/fangirl who Photoshopped herself throughout time, explains, "The essence of my photos is to visualize the physically impossible in a form of photo manipulation." In this case, the Budapest-based creative presents a re-imagining of the people behind four abstract paintings by late greats—Woman with a Green Hat by Pablo Picasso, Portrait of a Polish Woman by Amedeo Modigliani, Gelber Narrenhut by Rudolf Hausner, and Female Torso Kazimir Malevich. The project presents an unusual lineup of women with misshapen facial features, elongated necks, and questionable attire.

Flóra Borsi website
Flóra Borsi on Behance
via [Visual News]

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