Two Gigantic Slow Slugs Made of 40,000 Bags

If you were in Angers, France in September you may have run straight into two enormous, colorful looking slugs made out of 40,000 plastic bags. The artist behind them is Florentijn Hofman, famous for his giant yellow duck, big yellow rabbit and enormous monkey made of flip flops. He strikes again, this time in France, where his message is a bit more serious. According to Hofman's website, "The slugs are ascending this steep city staircase that leads up to a huge Catholic church, essentially signifying their slow crawl towards death. The work reminds us of religion, mortality, natural decay and the slow suffocation of commercialized societies."

The sculptures were made for a performing arts festival called Accroche-Coeurs. Hofman strung the plastic bags along soccer nets draped over steel frames. Each day, the gigantic, slimy mollusks moved closer to the sacred site.

Florentijn Hofman's website
via [Inhabitat], [GBlog]

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