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  • i know what you mean, the girl looks like she was just put there like its not natural the person did do great jobs with the girls arms and sunglasses though
  • The winner is fairly decent. It lacks the wow-factor that the above piece has, though. I am a big supporter of black-and-white photos, but this isn't working for me.
  • the winner:
  • @Matt-perhaps you could post the photoshop winner so that we can compare the two :)
  • @Alyssa- yah i thought so too and it is a lot better then the one that won, in my opinion
  • @Matthew-oh no way? That's unfortunate! This is really one of my favorite photoshop pieces.
  • Beautiful...
  • i though so too! i found this picture and was just like WOW this is amazing. sad thing is that the guy that did this didnt win the challenge because he turned it in too late
  • I love everything about this! The way she pops out to the colors...EVERYTHING! It's one of those pieces that just work. :)
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