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  • wow, good thing your husband never gets lost. He just knows lots of scenic routes.
  • Boy GO:
    1. I GOT THIS.
    girl slumped in passenger seat thinking, "We are so lost. Why won't he ask for directions? I must bite my tongue to preserve his ego. Say something nice."
    Girl. "I don't mind being lost. I love checking out new neighborhoods!"
  • Boy GO --
    1. Head southeast, towards the ocean
    2. Where is southeast? Where is the sun? Find the sun, and you will know
    3. Where is the ocean? We're in California babe. Think!
    4. Don't be in a mood. You have to learn!
  • lol
  • i'd also like to add:
    ... i meant my other left
    ... its about 2 minutes away
This reply was deleted.

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