Floating Kitchen, Vietnam

As an proud Angeleno, I love walking out of a nightclub and devouring bacon wrapped hotdogs or Korean tacos from the Kogi truck. Street food can sometimes be the best food, something we can all relate to, and that is precisely why this exhibit is so fascinating. "Global Street Food" is Mike Meiré’s latest exhibition which features urban fast food stations in public places from around the globe. The improvised kitchens are made out of a variety of different materials and come in many different shapes and sizes. The project took about a year and was displayed at the Meiré and Meiré Studio in Cologne, Germany. "Decontextualisation allows people to look at the units from various points of view: what materials is this type of unit made from? Where do they come from and how do they communicate with each other? We want to inspire a design with these street sculptures which also provides a narrative. What happens if you put technology outside, make it visible and create an object that represents a kind of life situation, an organism in the smallest of spaces? The kitchen as a place of social dynamics and transformation is just one such organism." -Mike Meiré

Floating Kitchen, Vietnam

Tea Kitchen, Sudan

Grill, Uganda

Terracotta Chicken Grill, Vietnam

Hot Dog Stand, USA

Market Stand, China

Market Stand, China

Coffee Wagon, Argentina

Cheese and Sausage Stand, Argentina

Cotton Candy Stand, Argentina

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  • @Alice: thanks. I know that they're on twitter, but I just haven't found the opportunity to go look for them. Usually when I'm out after a club, I make my zombie-like way to El Taurino or Lucy's. Interestingly, my good friend went out on Friday night for her friend's bday. She saw this line full of Asian's in front of the bar and thought to herself, "Hmm... did my white friend plan her bday at an Asian bar?" When she walked up, she realized that the line was for Kogi BBQ and that the bar was empty. :D
  • @Will - We checked out the truck - here's our review. You got to track them through their blog and twitter. They're all over social media. Gotta do it for the experience...those tofu tacos rock.
  • I've been meaning to track down Kogi BBQ. Thus far, it's been elusive.
  • Street food is one of my favorite parts of traveling. Cheap and yummy, its good until it gets you sick. Always worth it though...
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