Though I'm sure you've seen body painting before, perhaps you've never seen it so beautifully done like this. Joanne Gair is a premiere make-up artist/body painter who's worked with the world's top supermodels and celebrities. The way she uses the body as a canvas is remarkable.

Joanne Gair

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  • The first time I saw body painting was at a concert about 10 years ago, since then I've come to realize it is a beautiful, effective method of expression. These are really cool.
  • I never got to use a canvas like THAT in art class! I would've paid a LOT more attention!
  • Very creative!
  • Photoshop helps, too...

    The hardest thing with airbrushing is doing clothes, because you have to make it look like it's hanging right (also if the model moves the wrong way you completely lose the illusion)... but doing bathing suits is easier because they are tight to the skin. These are extremely well done, though.. you can see why she's made such a living at it!
  • these are so gorgeous! why have i not seen this before!
  • Beautiful!
  • Second from the bottom... those boots are AMAZING
  • stunning :-)
  • Gorgeous.
  • awesome!
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