Gorgeous Wooden Portraits

Within every human being lies strength, vulnerability, sexuality and love. Artist Mandy Tsung paints surreal portraits that embody these inherent qualities. On her website she shares that “Her work is about capturing the complexity of emotion, and is greatly inspired by editorial fashion photography as well as nature."

The Canada-native draws from her multicultural heritage which blends Ukiyo-e aesthetics with vibrant, pop-culture inspired female characters. Her wide-eyed beauties are truly captivating.

Mandy Tsung's website
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  • @ Surazeus-I'm happy you found such inspiration :) Love the song!
  • Inspired by these beautiful paintings, I wrote this song.

    I Swim Alone
    © Surazeus
    2011 09 01

    Where rivers flow from ancient eyes
    lost angel sings beyond blind skies
    and gives you fruit of burning flame
    dissolving every secret name.
    I swim alone inside your heart.

    We rise from sleeping Earth and sing
    on silent flutter-broken wing
    where first girl born at dawn of time
    creates a king who dies a mime.
    I swim alone inside your heart.

    I reach my hand in empty space
    to touch your shiny crystal face
    and hold your hand while we fall far
    and dream our world born from a star.
    I swim alone inside your heart.
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