It seems strange to me that we've never covered Li Wei's photography here on theMET. His incredibly creative photos represent everything we love to write about - they're unique, fun, imaginitive and well-executed. More performance art than just photography, Li Wei's work incorporates everything from mirrors to metal wires, items a modern-day magician might even use. Lately, he's centered his work around the idea of gravity, or lack-thereof.

Li Wei
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  • Intriguing photos---and subject matter!

  • amazingly cool.

  • JUST LOVE IT !!!! thank you so much for this loving dream !!!
  • Have you ever dreamed about defying gravity! Yes of course!!!
    COOL post!
  • about 3days ago i just see him from magazine ,i think it's great
  • UNREAL!! great post!!
  • Haha these are really interesting! I wonder how he does it.
  • Very Cool!!
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