Gravity Defying Photography (25 photos)

It seems strange to me that we've never covered Li Wei's photography here on theMET. His incredibly creative photos represent everything we love to write about - they're unique, fun, imaginitive and well-executed. More performance art than just photography, Li Wei's work incorporates everything from mirrors to metal wires, items a modern-day magician might even use. Lately, he's centered his work around the idea of gravity, or lack-thereof.

Li Wei
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  • Intriguing photos---and subject matter!

  • amazingly cool.

  • JUST LOVE IT !!!! thank you so much for this loving dream !!!
  • Have you ever dreamed about defying gravity! Yes of course!!!
    COOL post!
  • about 3days ago i just see him from magazine ,i think it's great
  • UNREAL!! great post!!
  • Haha these are really interesting! I wonder how he does it.
  • Very Cool!!
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