What if different species could mate? Redditor gyyp imagines just what that would look like and shares his Photoshopped creations for the world to look on in disbelief and wonder. The photo manipulator's Weird Animals collection pairs ducks with elephants, pugs with gorillas, guinea pigs with eagles, sharks with horses, killer whales with penguins, and the list goes on.

Gyyp's mastery in photo manipulation allows the mind to realistically visualize and process the monsters this digital Dr. Frankenstein has created. The head of one creature blends seamlessly into the other, regardless of actual size or whether they are land or sea dwelling animals. Some of the amalgamated beasts are frightening while others make you wish they actually existed (why isn't there a cuddly guinea pig lion?), but mostly they're just very, very weird.

via [reddit]

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