Korea-based artist Hana Jang uses a combination of pencil and digital painting to create these sweet illustrations. The memorable collection appears to tell a tale of young love, innocence, and loss where the main subject, a single female character, experiences a relationship with a mysterious male figure composed of gold bubbles.

The beautifully simple line drawings convey an elegant passion that flows from the artist's pencil and into her complex stories. Jang uses a dark black background from which textured reds and golds seem to jump off of the page. Straightforward titles like Goodnight, Moment, or Hug leave much room for interpretation and Jang invites viewers to invent all kinds of creative emotional tales about the happiness, sorrow, loneliness, and heartache that emanates from each sentimental composition.

Hana Jang's website
via [So Super Awesome]
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  • The red colour does it for me. :) Very sweet indeed. :)

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