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I just wanted to throw out a shout out to one of my oldest friends, Grace Lee. Happy Birthday, girlfriend! We've known each other since 6th grade - through teased hair, Wet Seal, NKOTB, 90210 and Britney Spears...we've been through it all. Thanks for being such an awesome part of my life throughout these years. You're like a sister to me! Love ya!

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  • "teased hair, Wet Seal, NKOTB, 90210"...brings back many good memories. At the risk of turning this into a "Bring Back the 90s" thread, let me take this moment to chime in with LA Gear, Out of this World, and Saved by the Bell.
  • happy b-day!!!
  • happy birthday!
  • wet seal! contempo! flashbacks :]

    happy birthday grace!
  • Thanks Alice! :)
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