Meet Harlow: The Incredibly Cool Weimaraner (and His Sidekick Sage)

On Instagram, as far as dogs go, Harlow and Sage aren't quite as popular as Maddie the Coonhound, Muu the French Bulldog, or Norm the Pug. The dynamic duo, however, are starting to get noticed for their photos and videos that capture their priceless expressions or their hilarious outfits. Especially awesome is this mesmerizing video showing Weimaraner Harlow wearing a black hoodie and shades. How cool is he?

Below are some of our favorite pictures of soon-to-be Instagram rock stars Harlow and Sage. They're adorable dogs one can't help but watch.

Harlow Heisenberg

Guess who's a fan of Breaking Bad?

Harlow and Sage on Instagram

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