Apparently, some people in China have never heard of U-Haul. They are, however, amazingly efficient in the way they pack and move all their inventory on a tiny little bike. "Manufactured Totems" is a series by Alain Delorme which brilliantly portrays the pressure Shanghainese migrant workers face. Piles of products labeled “Made in China” are stacked up to produce gargantuan sculptures, symbolizing their ever-increasing fetish with objects. The vertical nature of these items echoes the incessant expansion of the urban space - constantly under construction.

Alain Delorme via mutual art
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  • since when did photoshoppage that bad = art?
  • You couldn't get those computer chairs into a van even if you tried. They are really awkward to pack in a van. The bike is super-efficient!
  • I live in Asia, and have seen similar "Feats of Enginering". These people are truly amazing!
  • Amazing!
  • Necessity is the mother of invention! So much skill, effort, perseverance and ingenuity displayed here. They should be admired.
  • That's ordinary Chinese people's daily life, most of them comes from country side, with minimum or even no education, they came to the big city with the hope of earning some money and make a living.
  • I wonder if a couple of these folks would be kind enough to stop by my house and organize my closets?
  • Nuts!
  • That is nuts!!!
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