Check out these stunning landscape shots from the winners of a photography contest. I love how brisk and clean these shots came out. The photos are so clear, it's almost as though we're actually there..

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  • I love scenery pictures! I have quite a few that I'm going to post. These are amazing shots! My fav pics are storm pics. Yours are absolutely breathtaking!!!!

    Oh by the way? I'm with RZ on those cigarettes! We have one precious life to live. I can't wrap my head around way people take a chance in shortening their life. I think of all the children that lose moms and dads, or any family member or special friends to horrible deaths because of smoking!
  • All of what is written above and so much more. As usual pictures speak louder than words, by far. Beautiful, surreal, a reflection of the soul, one would hope.
  • Awesome, Breathtaking, Simply Marvelous. Oh, oh someone said cigarette!!! Lady they kill, snuff your breath whereas these are breathtaking.
  • did someone say cigarette?
  • stunning
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