Designed by Alex Hodge from New Zealand, the Hodge Hawk is a three wheeled concept vehicle that combines the sportiness of a motorcycle with the comforts of a car. Powered by a Honda RC51 V-twin 999cc motor that revs to 10,000 rpm, the Hodge Hawk also comes with 19" rims on the front. The use of carbon fiber and plastic coating makes this vehicle lightweight. A great new concept that will hopefully make it to production.

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  • I would love to say that I have one...but alas. ._.
  • Wow! it's really very excellent. I love this..

  • cool, but it's already been done. the campagna t-rex has been around since about 2005 and uses a 1400cc kawi motorcycle engine!
  • It totally looks like the bike on the last Batman. I hope it makes it to production. It would be awesome to see this on the road.
  • So totally Batman. It could be one of his more "subtle' vehicles for making an In-n-Out run.
  • I can describe this in one word....RAD!
  • Way cool! Looks like one of Batman's toys.
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