Inspired by hot chicks, sparkles, and punk rock music, Polish artist Natalia Fabia takes us on a voyeuristic journey. Her self proclaimed fascination of hookers fuels her painting of sultry women.

I really admire how Fabia takes risks through her provocative works. Capturing beautiful women in intimate scenarios, the artist manages to keep it classy through her mastery of oil paints. Her pieces are sexy and alluring in nature, but also maintain a delicate balance of feminine charm.

Fabia was raised in Southern California where she graduated from Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.

"I feel like everyone is a hooker. We’re all working for money or something. One of the definitions is someone who’s selling their talents and ability for money–it says nothing about sex. I like the word because it’s kind fun of say. I call all my girls hookers, but I’m really lucky I happen to know lots of cool, strong, talented, independent chicks." -Natalia Fabia

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  • Wow! These are so beautiful and super realistic. The concepts of her paintings totally work with her vivid colors. I am amazed and jealous!
  • Love the style of her paintings, the way she paints the textures and the rich and vibrant colours.
    I would definately hang one on my wall!!
  • These paintings are really well done and intriguing. I would let my husband hang them in the house! Ideally not in the bedroom or front foyer but I'm open. It's modern. Throughout the ages women in this profession have been painter's muses.
  • @mark might not want to go there..haha
  • Wow! Do you think my wife would mind if I put one of these paintings up in our house?
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