This great chart from Flowtown shows how companies in the Fortune 100 use social media sites like Twitter and FaceBook. This is just a subset of the whole infographic they produced. The complete picture is shown below.

(click here to link to a bigger version). Its nice to see that these companies have recognized the value of connecting with people this way. Whether it is employees or customers, this type of interaction makes the company seem more approachable and their actions more understandable.This shows how much value a community (like the one we have here at the Met) really has. If this large a fraction of the Fortune 100 are using social media then smaller companies had better get with it too!
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  • Ahh.. But Kevin that's why there's Adblock for Firefox. I forgot that the Met even had ads until that Twitter thing popped up.
  • I'm not sure what is so great about these companies using these sights. All the ads just make me want to visit the sights less. For example I love theMet but right now I see ads for Old Navy and Coke, two companies I have zero interest in. That's what is so great about a lot of personal blogs, no on trying to sell you crap.
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