Milan-based artist Sara Asnaghi has created a playful and fun new series of sculptures called What Have you Got in Your Head?. The collection is made up of nine different brain sculptures, each measuring 6.69 in x 4.72 in (or 17 cm x 12 cm). What is most interesting about these works is the materials used to render each brain. Asnaghi has chosen to use different edible mediums, from sugar and rice to breadcrumbs and birdseed. The collection is an eye-popping example of how one can reimagine everyday objects to break out of the norm.


Hemp Seed


Black Rice




Breadcrumbs and Painted Clay

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Tags: Art, Edible Brains, Hyper-Realistic Edible Brains, Sara Asnaghi, What Have you got in your Head, sculpture

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