If the artist himself wasn't in the shot, I wouldn't have guessed that these were oil paintings. Omar Ortiz is the man with the magic hands behind these exquisite works of art.

What separates this Mexico-based artist from other hyper-realistic painters we've seen recently is his minimalist style. He often features only three elements: a white setting, a human figure, and some strategically draped fabric.

I'm still mesmerized by his ability to paint the human hand with such detail. Most artists say the hand is the hardest thing to recreate. Clearly it's not a problem for Ortiz!

Omar Ortiz's website

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  • It's mostly about aesthetics - women are more attractive than men or at least that's what our culture has conditioned us to feel. Perhaps this might change as we move closer to true gender equality?
  • absolutely stunning work!
  • Pretty cool, but where did you find that? This time you must have forgotten to name your source.
  • wow...great detail of human skin...very talented being....
  • is it a compliment or not that women are usually the ones painted, although usually without their clothing, or very little?
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