For moms who want to remember how their precious newborn looked when he or she was first born, here comes the creepiest memento ever. Artist Glenda Etwart creates hyper-realistic dolls that not only look like your baby, with the exact skin-tone and birthmark, it can even smell like him or her too. It takes about a month for Etwart to create each newborn. In fact, about 20,000 strands of hair are placed by hand into each doll.

A disturbing side note to this: Some are sold to women who have experienced stillbirths or miscarriages.

Reborn Baby Body

Via Metro
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  • great pictures ;I remember my children when they were just born .You just bring happy moments to a mother !
  • Creepy! Those eyeballs are a tag too big no? But very interesting find Alice.!
  • hmmm....I wonder how these would help mom's who miscarry. I would think that it would make things worse. Very interesting...
  • Wow, these are crazy! Especially the pic of the painted eyeball. Freaky!
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